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Help Your Little Cheeky Chomper

in Recent Posts on January 14, 2015 .

Babies are always growing and changing – in the first few years in particular. Growing pains can become an everyday occurrence, and when your baby is in pain, it can be stressful to witness.

Teething is one of the key stages that seems to last forever in some little ones. Teething symptoms differ from baby to baby, but it’s important to recognise the signs in your own child and find the best methods to soothe them. Easily identifiable symptoms include excessive dribbling, gnawing, chewing, flushed cheeks, reddened gums, restlessness, irritability, reduced appetite and disturbed sleep may follow, so keep an eye out for these!

There are lots of methods for soothing teething pain, generally anything the baby can chew on, ice cold teethers, teething powders, teething gels and absorbent bibs to stop them getting damp chests or teething rash on their little chins.  It was when our little ones were at this stage we found that we needed a solution to help sooth their itchy gums and help the teeth break through, but ideally something attached to the baby so they couldn’t drop it on a dirty floor and super absorbent to soak up all the dribble!  So we came up with the Neckerchew - something to help relieve pain, that babies could hold without dropping or losing and super soft, extremely absorbent and stylish. And for sleepy time, when our little one’s were looking for something to cuddle and chew, we came up with the Comfortchew - an ideal chewable comforter pal that can be attached to the baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy.

Cheeky Chompers teethers are designed to help babies chew away their teething troubles. They’re tactile and durable enough to handle chewing for all incoming teeth, keeping your baby calmer and happier!

This can also help to keep your own nerves calm! Our teething aids can be attached to your baby meaning they cannot be dropped or lost – we all know the trauma of a lost toy! Of course, the fact that your baby is wearing their teething-aid is a great advantage from a hygiene point of view too, as you won’t have to clean it as often as a traditional toy that has been dropped multiple times.

We hope our products help you through the teething stages as much as they helped us!

Love Amy & Julie x


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